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Prospero's Children

Something was lost long ago...

The mermaid rose out of deep water into the stormheart...

The Golden City

Something was lost, long, long ago, before the beginnings of history:

few remain who would recognize it...

fewer still who would know the secret of its use...

February 14th, 2008


Young Herc and Iolaus - YH
What character would you have liked more epilogue-type info about?

Personally, I wanted to see how Ragginbone and Lougarry turned out. Obviously, they'd probably live the same way for a long time but I'd love to see what happened to them. Never enough of the, I thought.

December 31st, 2007

Happy New Year

Young Herc and Iolaus - YH
I know it's been a slow start, but Happy New Year to you all! Get ready for some discussion on 08!

December 13th, 2007

"And then there was only music playing in the empty room..." (or something to that effect)

So what did that mean to you? To be frank, I've always wondered what the hell was going on. Did it kill her? Did something intervene? When I reread it, I wondered the meaning of the ending.


December 10th, 2007

Name: Helen
Age: 22
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Occupation: Musical artist (among many other much more boring pay-the-rent type jobs)

Favorite Book of the Trilogy: 'Prospero's Children' ♥
Least Favorite: 'Witch's Honour' (I found this to be a very depressing book... It was beautiful, too, but frankly I felt wretched and sick when I reached the end. It was cruel and cold.)
Favorite Character: Fern or Will. I adore them both. :)
Least Favorite: I'm not sure. I'll go with Alimond. A nasty piece of work.
Favorite supporting character: Oooh... Raf or Kal. I also like Luc in a sort of grating, tragic way. Hmmm.
Favorite Part/Scene: Oh, oh, oh. I actually love the very, very beginning of Prospero's Children. The Prologue. The Mermaid. I think it's the most graceful and poetic piece of prose I've ever read. My other favourite is the unicorn scene, with the ocean of stars.
Least Favorite Part/Scene: *is not intending to copy, honestly!* The final page of 'Witch's Honour'. :( Nooooooo.....

December 4th, 2007

First Real Post

Young Herc and Iolaus - YH
Okay so I have two members so far, woo! If I can get to advertising more, hopefully we'll grow. But first, a meme for all three of us so far plus anyone who stumbles on over here.

Name: Heather
Age: 23
Location: NJ, USA
Occupation: High School English Teacher

Favorite Book of the Trilogy: Prospero's Children
Least Favorite: The Witch Queen
Favorite Character: Can't choose, Fern or Ragginbone
Least Favorite: Alimond
Favorite supporting character: Raf
Favorite Part/Scene: too many to choose, but the Margin of the World part in PC comes to mind right off the bat.
Least Favorite Part/Scene: The end of the Witch Queen

Hope everyone fills some things out and maybe adds their own.

December 3rd, 2007


Young Herc and Iolaus - YH
Welcome all, hopefully this place will get up and underway soon. I'm Heather, the creator of this comm and avid fan of Prospero's Children. After rereading all three books (for about the fourth time) I decided I wanted to create a place for people to come and discuss the book.

Feel free to comment or go over to my personal lj if you have a question.
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